Top 4 Television Providers in Tucson


You’re ready to relax.

You’ve gathered your favorite snacks and found your spot comfortably across from your entertainment center. As you click through the options available, you wonder if you have the ideal package for you and your household. It is time to compare television providers and ensure that you are receiving access to entertainment that is the right fit for your wants and your wallet. There are a few different factors to take into account when choosing your television provider in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

First and foremost,

there are now options that allow you to choose either Satellite or Cable TV. Cable TV, as it implies, is delivered via a physical cable that transmits signal. Satellite TV, on the other hand, uses a wireless signal to broadcast your desired programs. Satellite TV is favored by many Arizonan residents because of its wide availability. Granted, weather conditions can interrupt satellite signals, but it is a rare occurrence here in our sun-kissed state.

Pricing is always a factor as well.

Why pay for what you aren’t watching? Rather, why not mix and match some of your favorite channels to keep an endless array of entertainment streaming through your devices? Enter packages and pricing solutions. From basics to bundles, there are numerous options that offer variety and value.

As residents ourselves, we have listed the top 4 television providers in Tucson and Phoenix and why they make the list in the order they do.

At the top of our charts, we have Dish.

A satellite provider that boasts clear, locked-in pricing, cost-effective packages, hundreds of hours of DVR storage, and rave reviews from local residents like yourself. With the Hopper DVR family of devices, you can watch anything, anywhere, at any time making watching your favorite shows hassle-free. While it does require a 2-year contract, you may find it’s just easier to make a commitment with a satellite television provider offering all of the above.

DIRECTV comes in a close second.

Also a reputable satellite television provider in Tucson, DIRECTV offers comparable introductory rates with a 2-year contract. The second year, prices increase, however, this is a very welcome option for those who are fans of binge-worthy programs on HD channels and are NFL lovers using the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket which DIRECTV offers. With it, you can enjoy multi-game viewing on a single screen (up to eight games at once, that is) and also Player Tracker, which helps fantasy football managers keep tabs on how their roster is performing. With the average time Americans spend watching TV equating to 3 hours and 46 minutes each day, opting for quality content unique to your preferences is a time and money-saver.

americans spend nearly four hours each day watching tv. channel choice logo over family on couch.

Aside from beaming your binge-worthy shows via satellite,

there is always the cable television route. Next on our list is Cox Communications as a cable television provider in Tucson. They offer a wide range of options with basic packages starting at $25 per month to top packages at $145 monthly. Whether you’re looking at local programming or want all the HD programming available, you can make your preference at a price point you’ll love.

Xfinity follows just behind Cox

with service to many households in the Tucson area. While it doesn’t cover all areas, it does bring value to those in its respective regions. Namely, bundle packages that offer deep discounts on phone, internet, and cable packages, as well as, a significant channel lineup and even options to stream to other portable devices. This can be helpful given that 89% of people use a smartphone to watch TV.

89% of people use a smart phone to watch tv. channel choice logo over dad on phone with daughter in background

Still not sure?

With so many options from initial discounts and set contracts to channel selection and add-ons, there are a whole host of possibilities available to you. Feel free to reach out to us at Channel Choice so that we can help find your ideal match in programming and price tag.

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