Comcast Cable TV Packages


What TV Packages Does Comcast Offer?

The rumors are true! Comcast has some of the best offers when it comes to TV, internet, and home phone services to both residential and enterprise customers. Because Comcast is oftentimes referenced as its parallel partner, Xfinity, you may already be familiar with its massive reputation as a top Tucson provider of internet and cable TV services. Still, you may be new to the area or shopping for a new provider and wanting someone to answer your looming question, “What TV packages does Comcast offer?” We love a good rumor, especially when it’s true and benefits our locals. So, without further ado, read on to learn all about what’s included in Comcast cable TV packages, as well as, how to get it all in three easy steps with Channel Choice.

What Exactly is Comcast and How Does It Relate to Xfinity?

Comcast Cable is one of the United States’ largest video, high-speed Internet, and phone providers to residential customers under the XFINITY brand, and also provides these services to businesses.

what tv packages does comcast offer

Locally, Comcast is one of the leading TV and internet providers here in Tucson known for its speed and channel selections. It can sometimes leave consumers wondering ‘is Comcast and Xfinity the same thing?’, as Comcast owns Xfinity and is the brain behind noteworthy bandwidth and bundle deals. We are big fans of simplicity (just wait till you hear about our easy 3-step process) so we will refer to Comcast throughout this article to avoid any confusion. After all, Comcast is ultimately the entity providing the services you’re wanting.

What’s Unique About Comcast?

Comcast isn’t one to remain idle. In fact, Comcast is known for taking on the latest technology and enhancing your entertainment and media needs. Their best services include fast internet, popular streaming services, wifi at home and on the go, and exclusive bundle deals that save customers a ton of money without compromising in packages or pricing on their Comcast cable TV package. What’s even better, Comcast trusts local service provider Channel Choice with the ability to set customers up with their coveted Comcast services, all while honoring our fast and easy 3-step process.

What Cable TV Options Does Channel Choice Have For Comcast?

The most basic package Channel Choice offers for Comcast customers is generous to say the least. At just $50/month, you can enjoy over 140 channels including local programming, government & education channels, plus shopping favorites. Beyond that, you gain access to free HD programming.

The next tier of TV goodness comes in for just another ten bucks at $60/month and boosts your Comcast viewing pleasure to more than 220 channels, adding Disney, Bravo, FX, ESPN, PAC-12 & more to your social, or socially distanced, scene.

what tv packages does comcast offer

For those looking for a “super” deal, the third packaging option brings an additional forty channels for a whopping 260 channel lineup. This includes TV must-haves like Kids, ESPN, Food, Starz Encore & more all for a slight increase to just $85/month.

From blockbuster hits to sports programming, Comcast has something for everyone in every room of the house. And, fortunately, with high internet speeds keeping everything running smoothly, you can enjoy your entertainment without interruption – by either buffering or the bored kids. That’s because they’re using the same services you are on their own personal digital devices. Nothing beats a distraction-free binge session, does it?

Channel Choice’s 3-Step Process for Comcast Cable TV Packages & Internet

At Channel Choice, we are known for how easy we make an otherwise typically chaotic and confusing process. Rather than standing in long lines or waiting on the phone for hours on end to get the Comcast cable TV and internet packages you want, we do it all for you. It isn’t just the quick and real-time conversations with our reps that get you surfing and streaming sooner, but also the knowledge we have of exclusive deals with internet and cable TV providers. We also offer bundle pricing that will blow your mind, not your hard-earned money.

Give us a call or visit our website. We know the only drama you want is what your premium channels are showing. Avoid the hassle and choose an option that works for you – in person at our convenient location, or over the phone with contactless options for installing equipment as well!

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