Cox Deals on Internet & Cable for Tucson

cox deals

Cox Deals on Internet & Cable for Tucson Cox Cable is one of the leading providers of internet, television, and phone services in the nation. They specialize in bundles of services, to be an all-in-one solution to get you online and give you easy access to whatever media you may desire. The Cox deals on […]

Tucson’s XFINITY Deals: Broken Down

tucson xfinity deals

Tucson’s XFINITY Deals: Broken Down It’s hard to find a bigger, better, and more well-known brand than Comcast’s XFINITY. They offer blazing fast, reliable internet connections alongside great TV packages, at great price points. There are several internet and TV plans available from XFINITY in Tucson, and as such, it can be a little confusing […]


DISH is serving up some major primetime packages that are sure to satisfy the hungriest of entertainment consumers. Known for being the leader in TV and Internet packages in the Tucson area, DISH offers high-speed Internet, ability to record up to 2,000 hours, access to Live TV Anywhere and so much more.  Here’s a breakdown […]

DISH TV Packages: Explained

What do we want?  Quality entertainment!  When do we want it?  NOW! Binge-worthy shows, live Sports, and timely streaming are the norm for TV packages but pricing can vary significantly between providers. At Channel Choice, we put you in the driver’s seat (or, the comfiest of couches) so you can decide how much you want […]

Introducing: AT&T TV Entertainment Package

AT&T TV Entertainment Package

What Does AT&T TV Entertainment Package offer? Attention! If you aren’t keeping track via calendar, another week of quarantine has passed. Lucky for you, AT&T TV Entertainment Package has enough media to quench your quarantine the rest of the year. Your home-bound hobby of tuning into Tiger King doesn’t have to end. In fact, now […]

Centurylink Internet is giving us more in 2020

Centurylink Internet and Fiber Gigabit

We are well into the first quarter of 2020 and it’s very likely that a digital diet wasn’t anywhere on your resolution list!  Nor should it be.  With cable and internet providers like CenturyLink home giving you a healthy serving of high-speeds and low costs, they’ve even added your daily dose of fiber.  Fiber Gigabit, that […]

What is a Good Internet Speed?  

What is a good internet speed??

You get settled in to watch your latest show. Finally, some time to yourself or with your friends and family to decompress and delve into all the entertainment the ethers have to offer. You press ‘play’ just to sit longer than you anticipated as the screen stays black. That dreaded buffering icon appears. You wait. […]

How Home Automation brings Safety and Savings

home automation

Home Automation brings Safety and Savings As a homeowner, you naturally want to protect your assets – from family to furnishings. Fortunately, with smartphones and smart TVs, it was only a matter of time before smart homes became an option also. With tech reaching new heights, you can now automate numerous features within your home […]

Home Security Systems Benefits

Benefits of Home Security Systems

Our homes are usually our safe havens, so doesn’t it make sense to protect them as much as possible? More and more homeowners have started to install home security systems, a sensible and valuable move in today’s day and age. The initial investment you make in protecting your home will pay off ten-fold as there […]

What is Streaming?

What is Streaming

The digital world is “flooded” with water-related terms when it comes to delivering media remotely. From surfing the internet to now streaming TV shows, the future of entertainment is flowing. But, what is streaming? As its name implies, streaming is the continuous transmission of audio or video from one place to another.  In this case, it is from a server to […]