Comcast Cable TV Packages

comcast cable tv packages

What TV Packages Does Comcast Offer? The rumors are true! Comcast has some of the best offers when it comes to TV, internet, and home phone services to both residential and enterprise customers. Because Comcast is oftentimes referenced as its parallel partner, Xfinity, you may already be familiar with its massive reputation as a top […]

Are Comcast and Xfinity the Same?

Are Comcast and Xfinity the same thing? holding remote

As a world inundated by technology and ever-evolving entertainment, you’re more than likely familiar with many brands providing cable and internet services these days. Two of these popular entities are known as Comcast and Xfinity. While their brand names may differ, they are actually – and often – used interchangeably. The truth is they are […]

What Is the Hopper With DISH Network?

what is the hopper with dish network

What is the Hopper with DISH Network? ‎ Since the release of the original Hopper almost ten years ago, DISH Network has been highly acclaimed for its industry-leading technology. Boasting that now more than ever with the Hopper 3; the most powerful DVR ever made! The Hopper 3 was “built to solve TV’s biggest problems,” […]

Benefits of SBCA Satellite Television Service

satellite television from SBCA member

Who doesn’t want quality entertainment and resolution when watching their favorite shows and sports? While others may be jumping on the bandwidth bandwagon that cable brings, many are opting for the somewhat-exclusive quality of satellite services. Not just for resolution and reliability but also rain-proof and remote access nearly everywhere. There is a secret in […]

Cox Contour TV is Here in Tucson!

Cox Contour TV is here in Tucson (1)

Cox has done it again! Now, Cox Contour TV is here in Tucson and available for easy install! Cox Contour brings the absolute best in home entertainment and at prices you’ll appreciate! Get your cable TV plus internet so you can view premium channels, stay up-to-date with live news, sports, movies and beyond. What are […]

DIRECTV Genie 2: Everything You Need to Know about this DVR

directv genie 2

‘Tis the season for epic entertainment and new innovation that puts 2020 well behind us and the future of tech at our fingertips, literally. DIRECTV Genie 2 is granting all our holiday and high-tech wishes with faster speeds, advanced apps, sleeker designs, and pricing that is a present all its own. Here, we unwrap everything […]

What are the benefits of DISH Hopper DVR?

DISH Hopper benefits

If you’re thinking about taking the leap to a new television provider, consider DISH Hopper and the many benefits it brings by way of entertainment and delivery. The DISH Hopper offers many innovative features, alongside competitive pricing and even exclusive discounts for respective audiences, like military, first responders, and the senior community. One of the most […]

Top 4 Television Providers in Tucson

television providers in Tucson

You’re ready to relax. You’ve gathered your favorite snacks and found your spot comfortably across from your entertainment center. As you click through the options available, you wonder if you have the ideal package for you and your household. It is time to compare television providers and ensure that you are receiving access to entertainment that is […]

What happened to DIRECTV GenieGo?

DirecTV GenieGo

Not so long ago, DIRECTV debuted its GenieGo. It allowed TV show fans the ability to take their recorded programming with them, on the go and on-demand. Granting wishes of busy binge-watchers everywhere, it would not just download desired programs from your DVR, but also reduce them to a size that was accessible for viewing […]