Smart homes are only as smart as they are connected.  What good are all your gadgets if they aren’t properly installed or optimally working? We all want the best home automation and entertainment have to offer. Get your Nest products professionally installed, which ensures everything is set up with ease and accuracy. Here, we outline your most common questions and the benefits to using a Nest Pro like Channel Choice.

First off, what is Nest?

Benefits to Using Nest Pro Channel ChoiceNest is a home automation company that designs and manufactures programmable devices from thermostats and smoke detectors to doorbells and in-home cameras. Nest merged with Google Home Division in 2018 and since has been making its way to the top of many consumer reports as an Apple-equivalent.

What products does Nest create?

As technology advances, smart devices continue to launch and tend to also work with other smart devices that preceded them. So far, Nest has created devices that help you advance your home in the following ways:

Home Assistance.

Enjoy photos saved in Google photos on a carousel of imagery, use Voice match to ask Google all the things, get your personalized calendar, and commutes and control lighting that matches your mood. We can install your Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, or Nest mini.

Home Security.

Keep an eye on your home and your family ‘round the clock and even when you’re around the block. Whether in-home or on the road, we can set up your Nest security products like Nest Cam Indoor, Net Cam Outdoor, Nest Hello, Next Cam IQ (indoor and outdoor), and Nest x Yale Lock.  Don’t waste another precious second recording your home’s entry points and vulnerable zones. Be Nest Aware from the moment we install.

Home Temp Settings.

Things are heating up here in Tucson, but that doesn’t mean your bills have to rise with the temps.  Get your Nest energy products like the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E or Nest Temperature Sensor programmed to your comfort and at a price that drops even when the temps don’t. These intuitive Nest energy thermostats work with other devices so you’ll want to get hot on professionally setting yours up sooner rather than later.

Wide-reaching Wi-Fi.  

Have your Nest Wifi router installed professionally and instantly reap the benefits of a blanket of bandwidth. No more lagging. Just streaming at speeds that cover the whole house in connectivity.

Nest Pro can install Nest products that work togetherConnect them all.  Each of the above Nest products can work interchangeably and intuitively with other Nest products. This helps give you comfort, coverage, and connection, unlike any products you’ve ever seen or used before.  Our Channel Choice Nest Pro installers can get each of your devices up and running, together, to ensure your home isn’t just optimally working but even performing for you.

What is a Nest Pro?

Channel Choice is a Tucson Nest ProA Nest Pro is a trusted professional that is trained in the installation, set up and servicing of all your Nest products.  From smart lighting to smart locks, Nest products work to make your home safer and smarter. The benefits of using a Nest Pro like Channel Choice are many. Nest Pros connect your devices quickly and accurately to other systems within your home. This means that your home actually works with you and for you.

How do I schedule with a Nest Pro in Tucson?

Installation appointments generally will be scheduled to take place during normal business hours Monday to Friday.  However, some installers may offer evening or weekend appointments. Channel Choice is proud to offer easy scheduling via website, social channels, or phone, making using a Nest Pro like Channel Choice an easy and quick process.

Are there any installation costs to using a Nest Pro?

Nest Pro installation TucsonNest Pros are a network of independent companies so we are able to offer pricing that benefits our local customers. Have questions about what installation includes and what to expect? A quick call can give you an idea, depending on which Nest products you are looking to install.

Channel Choice is your trusted and local Tucson Nest Pro installer. Take your home’s security and automation to the NEST level and get your products installed quickly and accurately!

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