FCC to Review the AT&T / DirectTV Merger

When major companies merge, it can cause large problems for other companies in the industry. With AT&T’s potential merger with DirectTV, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is starting to wonder if this is the best option for the industry and for the public. Keep reading to learn more about what the FCC has to say about this potential merger:

The FCC to Review Merger Documents

The FCC wants to decide if this merger is in the best interest of the public. In order to do this, they have imposed a 180-day-shot-clock deadline to review these confidential documents and see how they relate to other media companies. The merger between the two companies is worth $48.5 billion, which puts both companies at risk to lose a lot if the FCC decides to stop the merger.

Working with the Antitrust Review

The FCC plans to work closely with the Justice Department and their antitrust review to determine if the merger will have detrimental effects on other businesses in the media industry. They must find ways to keep confidential media documents away from interested members of the public.

Trying to Avoid Biased Control of Internet and Television Usage

The FCC is working hard to examine every detail of the merger to ensure that it will not create a mega company that has too much control over what happens on TV and the Internet. Critics of the merger believe that the new company would have far too much say in what Americans can see on television and on the Internet.

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